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Premium Waikato Kennel Services

Dogs boarding with us at Brackendell Boarding Kennels & Cattery in Waikato are given the very best of care. Every dog staying with us is individually settled into their kennels each night. This includes a health check and therapeutic massage, to ensure your dog is calm, comfortable and healthy. This is an important part of the dogs boarding experience as it helps them to relax and build trust between them and staff.
Dogs are only kennelled at night unless the weather is poor, they are supervised and able to play or rest at their leisure

Our Kennel Services

  • We feed Royal Canin dry food morning and night, with a small amount of dog roll with the night feed
  • Our kennels are indoors
  • Dogs have all day access to large outside areas and play with other dogs of similar size
  • Dogs also receive supervised exercise in secure paddock areas — this is not charged as an extra, it is included in the daily rate
  • A supply of fresh water is always available
  • All bedding and blankets are supplied by us, though you are welcome to bring a toy or blanket from home if you wish. No bean bags please!
  • Over the summer months, paddling pools are available for dogs to play in

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